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UNcomplicating Business for Teachers, Helpers, and Givers

Sara Torpey

If you're a teacher, a helper, and/or a giver, and you run a business sometimes your BEST intentions are ALSO the things that make growing a business the MOST complicated. Sometimes your best intentions feel like they conflict with what you're 'supposed' to do to build a successful business... and that makes creating success (and not hating it) hard. And THIS is where the UNcomplicating Business podcast comes in. UNcomplicating Business is for the teachers, the helpers, and the givers who want to HONOR their best intentions, BE themselves out in the business world, AND grow a successful business - one without all the shoulds, the drama, or the complicated steps. If you're a teacher, helper, and a giver, and you want to find success as YOURSELF, the UNcomplicating Business podcast is here for YOU.