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The Only Diet You Need in 2022: The Noise Diet

January 10, 2022 Sara Torpey Season 1 Episode 55
Teachers in Business
The Only Diet You Need in 2022: The Noise Diet
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No one likes a diet. 

But this one? 

It's not what you think it is. 

It's not about less food - it's about less DRAMA and noise in your head. 

And I think THAT is the only kind of diet that's worthwhile in 2022. 

On this episode of Teachers in Business I'm going to share this tool that nearly all of my clients use at some point in our work together, and that I am using myself RIGHT NOW. 

I'll share how you know when you need to try it, how to do it without driving yourself crazy, and why it's worth the effort. 

Ready for less noise? 

Listen on to learn more! 

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Welcome, welcome, welcome to episode 55 of teachers in Business. This week, we are going to talk about the only diet you need here in 2022. And listen for her, let me be the first to tell you that no one likes a diet, like, I'm going to totally admit to that. I am one of those human beings that the minute you tell me, I can't have something I want six of them. So whether it's for food or anything else, dieting has never been something that was affected for me, because my inner five year olds not like to feel like it's without anything. The diet I am talking about today is something I think of as an I teach to clients as a noise diet. It is one of the most effective tools that I know, to reduce the amount of like, basically just input that's coming into your world. The reason that this really matters for me, and I'm talking about it on this podcast is because I know that in the world, in the brains of people who are or we're teachers, we like nothing better than two, think about something we want to learn and then go learn all the things about it. So this means when you're starting a business, you go and you sign up for the freebie, and you take the course and you take this other course and you read that book by that lady that the guy in the podcast reference, and you listen to things and then you follow this expert and this one and that one, and you get more emails, and you're deep diving into all this stuff. But all of a sudden, there's a lot of stuff in so much stuff. The other problem is, is that so much of the stuff all tells you completely different things, right? I can remember this at the start of my business where, you know, I was trying to figure out how to do I forget, like an elevator pitch or something else. So I was like on Google researching formats, and they're like, it should have 10 words, it should have 100 words, it should have 1000 words, it should take you 30 seconds, take you three minutes. It just made it so much worse, because I went from not knowing the options to knowing all the options. And it made me paralyzed in a lot of ways. So today, we're gonna talk about what to do when you're in that place where you're like, oh, my gosh, so much input, and it's overwhelming. And that's the whole point of a noise diet. So before we do that, I want to talk a little bit about charting business success, which is my small group program, only because this past week, I think we had a really interesting meeting. Because we were talking about problems in our business. It's a small group, it is really different, I think from any other small group program that I have connected with or been a part of, because it really is truly small. This round is three business owners in me, the max is five. So we really do get to dive in really carefully into individual things going on individual businesses, individual goals, there's no hiding in this group, which is both a blessing and a curse. But I think it the format of it, where we are all being coached, like I am doing all the coaching, but we are all collaborating together. Everybody has input, everybody's learning from each other is really magical. And this past week, one of the things we were talking about is problems in our businesses, like listing out things that feel like problems, and figuring out how to decide if they really are. So often things that feel like problems in business are really just like things that feel uncomfortable. There's a difference between a problem and a to do and something that feels uncomfortable, but our brain just likes to tell us they're all problems and we have to fix them. So what we're working to learn what the difference is in the group. And as a part of that conversation this week, you know, I would say every member of the group had a really big aha or two. I mean, there were some tears, we laughed a lot. But everybody walked away and all three of them over this past weekend, messaged me separately to say that they had gotten something really spectacular one is going to write a book about what she got, which is forgiving that like maybe grab my couch with me a little bit. Another is probably going to make a really big business change that has been a long time coming and I think she finally sees is possible in third is clear now on her offer and how to move to reach the goal she's working on right now, which is a very particular goal in a way that she was not about, you know, being kind to herself in the process. So we've all gotten really interesting things all the members have. And I say this because another round of this group is starting in February. You should join it. It is amazing how much we have accomplished even just in the first seven weeks of 16. And it is the most cost effective version of this I have ever offered and will ever offer. It is wildly, wildly effective. And it's $1,000 for 16 weeks, it's crazy. If you have a problem you are working on in your business, if you have a goal that you want to reach by the end of June, middle of June, we're going to start in February, and we will have you there in June, there is no substitute for this group, you have to come join it, it's so much fun. So that being said, let's talk about noise diet. So here are the ways I always know and I will be first to admit I am on a bit of a noise diet right now. The way I know that it's time for me to dial back and use this tool is when I get really anxious, just in a generalized kind of anxious way. And where I'm like scrolling all the time, on my phone, on news sites, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on all the things that I access, I read a lot of news and the news starts to make me more and more anxious. It also is clear to me that it's time for a noise diet, when I start to be like oh my god. But how did she do that? And why can't I when I start to get very imposter syndrome me. And also when I just feel really confused all the time. Because I know deep down that I have the answers in my business, like I I'm sure that I know how to figure it out. But when I start to feel really like God, I don't know what to do. Oftentimes, it's just because there's too much flipping input for you. You could feel overwhelmed, you could be anxious like I get, you could just have a lot of scrolling going on, it could be a lot of the same things, I see the same things in my clients. And so if that's you and you're like, oh, there's so much noise, there's so many different voices, there's so much input coming in. That is when you need to cut back. So the noise diet is real simple. It is to cut down what you have inbound at you right now, by you know about 50% if not more, some people do more drastic versions. So I will say for me, like I stopped reading the news for about a week. I'm like eight or nine days in and I I've read it like briefly for 10 minutes yesterday, because there are some things I like to read about on Sundays. But short of that I've really not been in it. The other thing I do is I start unsubscribing to things that are coming into my inbox and making me crazy. So for you think about all of the people whose voices you're listening to right now, think about the volume of that and see if you can have have that. So it could be that you take the apps that you scroll most often off your phone, it could be you just close them for now you just move them to a different page, what I do is I move those things to a back page on my home screen, and I move them out of my vision. So I'm not even thinking about them. You might be that you unsubscribe to stuff. That's part of what I spent some time doing last week, I just was like picking and choosing things that are useful to me and things that are not and unsubscribing. And that's totally okay. The other thing that I do pretty regularly is I mute people on Facebook, and not in a mean way. It's not like I don't want to hear from you. It's just that I can't hear from you right now. Like, there's too much input I can't and sometimes they're friends, they're people I adore. But sometimes those are really strong voices. And I need them to just be quiet for a little while. If the voice is really strong, and it's starting to like really not be a good influence, I will unfollow those people, you can unfollow someone without unfriending them. And so that's an option too. The other thing you can do is to you know, know if you're going to go scroll, because I have to be present in Facebook, I have to be present in LinkedIn, that's part of my business, you have to be present on your social platforms. So what I do is I set timers, like if I'm going to go into Facebook, I'll set a 20 minute timer and I'll dig around and I'll do all the answering and participating that I want to do. And then I will stop when the timer goes off and I will go do other things and be done. It is a really useful way to approach you know, just keeping it in hand. The other thing that I do that I think could be really helpful is I get lost in some other kind of reading. So what happens when I start to scroll? Oh Ha, it's because I don't have anything else to do with my brain. So before the holidays, we had a puzzle out on the dining room table and I would sit down when the kids were like relaxing. Before bed, I would sit down at the puzzle. I also read a fair amount of fiction. And when I'm on a noise diet, it is only like trash murder mysteries. Because that's pretty much what I read. Do I have books that are like workbooks right now? Absolutely, I have two sitting on the table in the kitchen that like, one of them's for a book club, but I need to get reading. But I'm not quite ready to come back fully into the world yet. So I'm going to finish the book I'm on right now solve the mystery of the aliens and move on. And then I'll read that one. It's okay. So for you, the strategy to cut down by 50% or so is half of it, it's you know, as much as you can stand to pull out. The other thing is, like you're aiming for at least a week, happily would be two weeks, you know, then when you get to the end of two weeks or week, you can start I find it a week, it's not quite long enough for me. But at the end of two weeks, I find that I can start adding back in things I've missed, like voices I wanted to, to hear who have been like, oh, I don't know, I haven't seen her in a while what she's up to, you know, voices that I was having in my email that I was reading that I still want those kinds of things. If you feel like it's missed, then put it back. And if you're like, haven't noticed, you didn't need it. And over time, the thing about annoys dieters, I probably do this twice a year. But it's because over time, like you sign up for a freebie to get this thing because you're doing this research because you're you have this new thing you're trying to do. And this is something you can do periodically, it's certainly something I do periodically. And it's not reasonable for me at least to stay at this level of like quiet all the time. Because slowly the input grows, you make new friends, you meet new people, you have new connections, it grows and then I have to be like whoa, too much input and dial it back. So this can work for you too. If you need help setting it up figuring out what to get rid of, and figuring out how to hear yourself again, that is the other part of this that I teach clients. Once you have the noise level turned down and the volume is lower, then you have to figure out how to how to hear yourself again and that is the second part of this. How to trust your judgment, how to be good with you being the decision maker how to do the pieces that are important for you to know that you can always solve the problems just like I do. I know you have the answers. I just don't know that you know you have the answers. So if you are looking for help with that, that's part of what I do send a message it sara@torpeycoaching.com or come to Facebook or LinkedIn and send me a message. And let's talk about it. So this is the only diet you need in 2022 You are perfect just like you are we just need to hear more of you and less of what you're in what you're ingesting on an auditory and visual level. We want to hear from you. So this is the way to get it so that you are the loudest voice inside your head and so somebody else if you need help once again, reach out. Otherwise, I'll see you here next week. Have a great week.