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How to Sign a Client This Week

November 16, 2021 Sara Torpey Season 1 Episode 49
Teachers in Business
How to Sign a Client This Week
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Signing a new client this week IS possible (it's even possible TODAY). 

And here's the best part - you don't need to do MORE to sign a client this week. 

The simplest way to sign a client this week is 3 steps. 

On this episode of TIB I'll share these three steps and explain how you can take them right now to sign a client this week, next week, and every week that follows. 

Signing clients does NOT have to be as hard as you are making it.

 Listen here to make the process SIMPLE.

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Hey, everybody. So on this episode of the podcast, we are going to talk about signing a client this week, because you can, and you will. It's that simple. Here's the thing. A few weeks ago, I ran this little mini course in my Facebook group called Teachers in Business. And the mini course was called sign a client this week. And it was four days I think, really, it's three steps. And then Day Four is like, hey, repeat them ad nauseum. And it could be the, you're listening to this, and you're in my group, and you were a part of that little mini course, it could be that you're in my group and you didn't watch it, it could be that this is entirely new to you, no matter what your relationship to this part of the conversation is this. If you did that mini course a couple of weeks ago, you can do it again this week. Because it really is something that works every week. It's I have a client, actually, who went through the mini course a couple weeks ago and signed a client, you know, the actually the first one she had signed in a little while. She's somebody I've worked with a couple of times. And she said to me, she was like, This was great. This was so helpful. I said, Okay, are you going to use it again next week? And she was like, well, will it work again? Of course it will. Our brains assume that like when we do the new thing once. It's a fluke, right? But it's not. So this is sort of the nature of business, of making progress of consistency. It's something like this, the steps we're going to talk about today, to create a client this week to sign a client this week, you can do this every week. It could just be the thing you constantly do. And it could be enough. And it's so simple and so straightforward that our brains are like, Oh, but But what, but it can't be that easy. But the thing is it is, then that's the difference between moving forward step by step by step, and not your brain is gonna be like, no, no, you have to try something else. Please, please, please try something else. Because we do this again, it can't work again. That would be crazy. Or it's going to be like, Yeah, but we did this already. It's boring now. It's okay. Just doing the simple things over and over again, really does work. You know, it applies in your diet, right? When you eat, you know, crazy things in moderation, you exercise in moderation, you do all these things, and you just simply do it again. And again. Again, it works great. But we as people get bored and things like that. And so we're like, yeah, we're not gonna do that this week. Okay, so this is really a three part, process this a bit that's signing a client this week. And it's actually something that can work today. Okay, you can sign a client today, just in this process. The other thing that you should keep in mind with it is is not in any stretch of the imagination about doing more, this is not me going to add 10 things to your to do list. This is me actually taking some things off. Because if your goal as a business owner is to create more clients than this, this is what matters right here. And the rest of it is all just noise. Yes, there are other things you have to do. I totally get that. We all have other responsibilities. I am among the people that have multiple businesses and things that I do, I get it. But if we can strip it down to just the simplest thing that would move your business forward this week, these three steps are it, these are the way you get people to pay to work with you. Okay, and it is simpler than you think your brain might rebel a little bit, but really, like decide to trust this. And it works. Okay, so step one is to focus truly on pen and paper on your expertise, your value and your impact. I know it sounds ridiculous, it sounds silly, but it is not. And here's why. Because when you when you know, right when you know, like capital N kn O W and was spelled around, that you have expertise worth people's money. When you know the work that you do is valuable. When you knew the work know that the work you do has an impact. It's way flipping easier to talk about it. You know, I was talking to a woman yesterday who is thinking of starting a business and she was telling me what she was interested in selling and I said to her Okay, that's great. Would you buy this? And she stopped and she was like, no. Well, here's the thing you can not sell something that you would not yourself buy. It's very, very difficult, especially as a service provider. If you have service that you're selling to someone in, you wouldn't buy it yourself, it's going to be really difficult for you to sell. So when you sit down and you think and you sit down and you think, okay, what is my area of expertise? My expertise is? What is the value of that expertise to other people? Why does it matter? And then what is the impact of that expertise on their lives on their businesses? Sit down and make a list, do it on paper. So like, for me, my expertise is simplicity. My expertise is taking complicated things. This is a good example of like signing a client and making it crazy, crazy simple. The value of that is it saves time. It saves energy, it saves frustration, because when things are not so flippin complicated, we get a lot further, right. And then the impact of that is my clients make more money, quite honestly, like my clients make more money, because they know their processes are simple. They know how to move forward today, the impact of that is you can sign a client this week. That's a pretty good impact. I'm happy to sell that up and down the street. That's the first thing for you to do. Really ground yourself and how flippin amazing you are. And why that matters. Step two, is to believe it is possible to sign a client this week, I know, we haven't even done anything they done like that was the we haven't haven't actually done anything yet. We've thought about stuff. Step two is belief. Because of you do not believe it is possible for you to sign a client this week, you will not you cannot create a result, you do not think is possible. Just can't. Like the guys that created the first airplane didn't create the first airplane thinking flight was impossible. It's just not how this works. So if you want to create this rule, or this week, where you're going to sign a client, you have to know that you can you have to believe and here's the thing, I tell clients all the time, I believe in you, but me believing in you is not sufficient. I can believe in you. But I cannot believe for you. And unless you believe you won't happen. I would say that this is one of the things my most successful clients do best. They believe they are worth people's money. They believe it is entirely possible that at any given moment, somebody wants to hire them. And they believe that people are with them right now who want to pay for their service. You know, people this whole sign of client this week, mini course that I created was driven out of someone saying to me well, like nobody's listening to me. Nobody's with me. Nobody knows what I'm doing. It's never true. There are always people watching you. And there are people right now out there in your world who want to work with you. You have to believe they're there. Because they are I know they are. Your family knows. You probably know they are but you don't want to believe it. So the second step here is belief. What do you actually believe is possible today this week for your business? What is possible and how do you bridge that gap? Because it is possible for you to sign client today. Like I started my day yesterday was a good example of this. I started my day by running around like a lunatic taking my kids to the dentist to get their vaccinations to do a bunch of things. I sat down at my desk at noon, got on a networking call, like a group networking call, which was great. Got them a networking call one on one of somebody got on another one. had no intention of signing a client at all yesterday, it was just going to meet some new people. And one of them became a client. Like literally happens that fast was not my intention yesterday, but I always know it's possible and I'm happy to show up for it. It is that simple. Okay, and here's the third part. This is the doing part. It's not new doing it's just more doing than you might be doing now. We're different. The third step is to invite people to work with you not convinced them you don't have to talk them into it. Remember, back in the believing park, you decided to believe that they're with you. They're listening and they want to pay you and now all you have to do is say hey guys, come on. I'm ready. Hey guys, come on, this is amazing. Hey, I'm here for you, hey, come come to my party, let's work on what we work on, let me share this awesome thing I have with you, you have to get out of your way and talk to people about what you do. You cannot sell things that people do not know exist. That easy. So, like, literally, this is it, you can and will sign a client this week, if you sit down and really, truly focus on your expertise, your value and your impact. You sit down and you know that you believe it is possible, like truly possible for you to sign a client this week. And then you go out, and you make invitations to people, you offer your service to people who need it, you invite them to work with you, as directly as clearly as person, a person as human as possible. And it works. I promise it works for me, the week I ran this challenge in my group I signed to clients, I had more than a handful of people in my group have this work. I know this works. I know it can work for you. And there are videos, there are extended versions of these videos with all of these steps, there are worksheets. There are all kinds of good things that relate to this challenge. In my group, I ran out the week of November 1 of 2021, you can go in and you can find the videos, you can go in and grab the worksheets. They're all free, they're all available, and you can do the work. And then what you can do is you can do it again next week. Because this works every freaking week, over and over and over again. You could play this like a broken record. And wouldn't it be like the best freaking broken record ever? If what you did for the next two or three or six or 10 weeks with sign a client every week? Like what if it was that easy? What if that's really all you had to do was to do the same thing over and over again? What if it's not as complicated as you're making it? Because it's not honestly, I love you guys. And I have a human brain too. And it's not as complicated as you're making it. So try this. Let me know how it goes. Send me a message, send me an email, email is sara@torpeycoaching.com send me a Facebook message come into my group, Teachers in Business, tell us how it went. And then keep doing this, I promise you that this is an effective approach to signing clients, it is going to feel too simple, your brain is going to be like oh my god, we need to be doing more. But you do not. This is enough, I promise. And if you feel stuck, or if you really want the accountability that comes with coaching, one on one in my small group, please reach out. This is the kind of stuff I teach people every day. And this particular sign a client this week, are there gonna be things that don't work right for you the first time maybe we keep it really simple. But then it's a matter of making it systematic, evaluating getting consistent, trying to figure out where you meet all these people that you want to invite. You know, that kind of work, the figuring out the testing, and the accountability that it takes to do this week in and week out. That is my jam. That is how I coach people. This is the work we do together. And it makes a tremendous difference. I had a client say to me this week, she was like, you know, she's like I really do every week we get it on and kind of sometimes we do the same stuff. And every week I need it. And every week it makes a difference. Like there's no better compliment than that. Sometimes we do sort of broken record things. But there's a reason for that. Those are the best ways to do things because then then you kind of habits like what of your habit becomes signing of wine every week, holy God. Alright. So focus on your expertise, your value your impact. Decide to believe on purpose, that you will sign a client this week, and then invite the hell out of it. Go tell everyone you know that you are game and you're in and you know exactly how to help them. Be totally honest, be totally human, be totally direct. And tell me all about it. When you sign that client. We cannot wait to celebrate you and every step forward. My community is the place for that. And we are here with you for you. Always. I'll see you all next week.